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Restore a SQL Server Backup to LocalDB

November 8, 2016

Found help here:

Thank you Rob!

  1. Open the “SQL Server Object Explorer” window in Visual Studio
  2. Right-click on the “(LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB”-node and choose “New Query…”
  3. The “master” database should be selected one
  4. Run the following query (the query will only present information):
            FROM DISK = ‘D:\MyDatabase.bak’;
  5. In the result use the names in the LogicalName-column
            MyDatabase (mdf)
            MyDatabase_log (ldf)
  6. Run the following query:
            RESTORE DATABASE MyDatabase
            FROM DISK = ‘D:\MyDatabase.bak’
            WITH MOVE ‘MyDatabase’ TO ‘D:\MyDatabase.mdf’,
            MOVE ‘MyDatabase_log’ TO ‘D:\MyDatabase.ldf’,
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